Monday, June 18, 2012

Justin Wilson's Pickled Okra

I don't know how many of ya'll remember Justin Wilson. He was a great chef and had a tv show for some time. My Mom has his recipe book and every Thanksgiving it is our custom to make his turkey gumbo with the turkey. That book is awesome and my favorite pickled okra recipe is in it too. Again, It doesn't contain exact processing times, but it makes the best pickled okra.
Justin Wilson's Pickled Okra
20 fresh small okra (or as many as needed)
1 tsp salt per quart jar or 1/2 tsp salt per pint jar
4 hot peppers, whole or chopped
1 clove of garlic, cut in 8 pieces
3 parts white vinegar
1 part water
Put okra into two sterilized jars, add salt, hot peppers, and 3 or 4 pieces of garlic, depending on how much you like garlic. In a medium sized sauce pan mix the vinegar and water together, then heat slowly. Don't bring to a boil. Stir the liquid with your finger, when it gets too hot to keep your finger in its ready. Pour into jars, making sure to cover the okra completely and seal with sterilize lids, following the manufacturer's directions. Let set for one or two weeks before using.
For us i can it in pint jars, so I know we use it all before it goes bad. I process it in a boiling water canner for 15 minutes. I also wait two weeks before using, which is very hard sometimes. Also I cut a slit in my peppers, at least two per pepper down the sides, instead of chopping them. Just in case you have never watched his show, here is an episode.


  1. can i use less vinegar i dont like a strong vinergray taste

  2. If you use less vinegar you run the chance of not having enough acid and the food spoiling. I wouldnt chance it, when its all cooked it doesnt have a strong vinegar taste, to me that is.