Friday, February 10, 2012

Getting every pennys worth out of that expensive chicken

Do you ever go to the grocery store and realize that the price has raised on something in just a few days? I went the other day to get a chicken. I looked and looked but couldnt find a whole chicken that was cheap, I ended up with one that cost about $5 bucks and it was small. Which I could have spent the same amount on a cooked one at the bakery, but I wanted to cook it myself. So I got the expensive chicken and I dont know about you but I try to get as many meals out of one chicken as I possibly can. The first night I cooked it, I baked it. I rubbed the skin with olive oil, cut an onion up over it and cut up some fresh thyme and rosemary and put it on it too. I baked it several hours at about 350. I took the chicken out of the pan and threw some diced sweet potatos in there and stirred them around in the grease a bit and baked those too. It was awesome even though it was a little greasy. The next day I boiled the whole carcass until the meat fell of the bones. I stripped the meat off, discarded the bones and had chicken nachos for lunch and made my sweetie some chicken noodle soup with the broth, some chicken and some egg noodles. Then I reheated the chicken and broth left in the pan and added some more water. I cooked it until the chicken seperated and was stringy and then I added some dumplings. I make mine out of flour that I mix in some garlic powder, onion powder and pepper. Then you add milk to make a dough and drop it in the boiling broth. Cook it until the dumplings are done. I must mention that it made a lot and I just finished a bowl of the chicken and dumplings, and have another good bowl left in the pan. So out of one chicken I made four different kinds of meals and I still have some left for another lunch tomorrow. Another favorite way to use the chicken and broth is to make chicken noodle soup. I just add veggies like corn or peas and carrots and throw in some egg noodles. What ways do you use food over and over again?

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