Wednesday, February 29, 2012

No poo one full week

Well its been one full week and I have to say-I love it! My hair is doing awesome, way less greasy on the second day than with shampoo and it feels different. I made the mistake of using the baking soda a second day in a row and had rough hair, but I waited and now use it every other day with a vinegar rinse and it rocks. My fiance even started using it and likes it too. Here is this weeks pic
Please excuse all the white hair which you can plainly see. I have noticed my hair is shiney and smooth and has a different texture to it. Its kinda of hard to explain, but I have always had thin fine hair and it feels thicker. I know it said not to use the vinegar rinse on color treated hair, but its been well over a year since I dyed my hair. Its growing out and just on a few inches at the end. It appears less brassy than it was and is easier to comb. Ill update again next week.

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