Thursday, February 23, 2012

No Poo?

I have read a lot lately about no poo or no shampoo. Im a little sceptical, Im one of those people that likes to see the results before I try something. So I wondered what if yall were like that too. That made me want to be your guinea pig. I have been reading about pesticides and how the government is allowing us to be poisoned through our food. In a bunch of the articles it mentions how your biggest organ, your skin, is soaking up all these other things too, not just from food. Your shampoo and conditioner has sulfates in them, not to mention other things that I cant pronounce correctly. For no shampoo the only things you need to clean and condition your hair are baking soda and vinegar. Here is a great post about the no poo movement  Instead of using apple cider vinegar I used white vinegar, I can hardly stand the smell of acv. The first thing I thought when I was carrying the baking soda and vinegar to the bathroom was how they react chemically. Have you ever cleaned your drain with them? I have, I was slightly worried about this. As I started to clean my hair I realized that with long hair it would take more than a tbsp of baking soda to do my scalp. Maybe I did it wrong I dont know. I had to flip my head down so I could get the back part too. The baking soda was pretty salty, I could taste it so I shut my eyes too. It seemed weird to not have sudsyness on my hair, almost like I was missing something. When I rinsed it out my hair didnt feel as "clean" as shampoo made it feel, but it wasnt rough and dry like shampoo made it either. I did the vinegar rinse right before I got out. Since I forgot to mix it with water I just wet my hair good, poured it on and rinsed again. It still smelled like pickles when I got out. I just knew that I was going to have a horrible time brushing it, my hair is below my shoulders. I was really suprised to find that it brushed out easier than when I used conditioner. I will be sure and post about this process weekly and let you know how it goes. I am hoping to get my whole family used to using this. Its going to be hard to get the sponge bob shampoo away from my kids, but maybe they will understand. I realized when I was in the shower that I should have taken a before photo. So Ill dig through my pictures and see if I can find a good one of my hair. Ill also take one every week so you can see the process. I hope my hair isnt all oily and gross looking, I guess we will find out. I am also be going to do a series of posts about deoderant, because the aluminium in antipersperant has been linked to alzheimers. Ok here is my hair a month ago
Here is this morning

Looks good so far, Ill post again next week.

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