Sunday, January 1, 2012

Chicken treats with added protein

My chickens love thier treats, especially now that the bugs and green grass are dying out. So to make up for the lack of protein in thier diet I make treats. I started by keeping some fat from stuff I used, I had sausage grease leftover, but you could use any fat available. I would use a used fat so you dont waste any, like mine was a by product of cooking the sausage. I also had some butter I had put in the microwave to melt for a recipe and forgot about over night, Im smooth I know. I melted the two fats together and ended up with a fair amount.

Next I added some freeze dried meal worms that I got at tractor supply

Is it odd that I think they smell kinda good? Next I added scratch

I also added some sunflower seeds too. The sunflower seeds and the meal worms say on the package that they have 15 percent and 56.58 percent crude protein respectively. You could also add diced meats that you have left over as long as its not rancid. I then added cornmeal until it got grainy looking, and I didnt get a picture taken because I had to take care of Levi. When I came back to the kitchen maybe 30 minutes later it was already setting up, so I figured I had enough cornmeal in it. I then put it in ice cube trays and placed it in the freezer.

I put these in a ziplock bag and keep them in the freezer. My chickens went nuts over these and have layed more eggs since I have upped the protein they get. I have live meal worms that I keep specifically for my turtle and the chickens, but I thought it would be really horrible to put them in this then freeze them, plus what if the crawled out of the tray before they froze? So thats why I used already freeze dried ones. You could also add crushed egg shells in this. I keep my chickens egg shells, not store bought egg shells. If you rinse them out after you use them and let them dry completely you can crush them and feed them back to the chicken for calcium. The store bought eggs have who knows what on the shell so I dont use them.

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