Saturday, January 14, 2012


Im tired of the same old pinto beans and cornbread. I want something warm and filling with as little meat as possible, if any, and that kids will like. So I got some chickpeas, my oldest son loves hummus, so I thought why not try these. I started by looking onlune to find a recipe and couldnt find much, but one place stated that you may need to soak your peas and rub a skin off, but not all chickpeas have this. So I heated them on the stove for a few minutes, because I hate presoaking. After this I let them cool then I rubbed them between my hands to get skins off and rinsed them good then back they went into the pan. I wish, this is what was supossed to happen, of course it didnt. I rubbed them together and only had a few skins come off, I dont know if I didnt let them cook enough or what. So I put them back in the pan with skins and filled it back up with water and cooked them some more, lol. I added a small onion diced and some garlic. I cooked these for a few hours and they were very good. Im going to drain them today (the nexy day) and add olive oil and blend them up to make hummus, adding more garlic of course. What new food have you tried lately?

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