Friday, January 6, 2012

Making suet blocks

I made a suet block for my chickens today, you could use the same process for birds though. I started with an empty milk container.

I then cut the bottom off, making about an inch or so deep so it will fit in a suet hanger.

Then I made my mix. Like the post on chicken treats I started with a fat. I again had sausage grease and some bacon grease. I melted them together and added sunflower seeds, crushed egg shells, scratch, meal worms, some leftover banana from breakfast that I cut up and some pancakes that I also cut up. I then added corn meal until it became pastey and thick. For birds I would use the particular seed for what ever bird you are attracting.

Then I put it in the box.

I had some extra so I put it in ice cube trays. Then you freeze it for a bit until it sets up nice and put it in a zip lock bag. These come in super handy when you need to put the chickens up early and keep them occupied. Im gonna hang this block in the pen next time I need to go somewhere and leave them in the coop. Do you have any special treats you give your chickens?

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