Friday, January 20, 2012

Chocolate Gravy

 Have you ever had chocolate gravy? Its like chocolate pudding without the eggs, in fact the leftovers can be eaten like pudding after being refridgerated. Growing up I didnt know that a lot of people never tried it or ate it on a regular basis. I was always kinda shocked when people said it sounded gross, I awlays say dont knock it until you try it. Even if it doesnt sound to appealing to you it is to kids. My boys love it.
 I wasnt always able to make gravy, I watched my Grema make it and she showed me an easy trick.  Heat the milk with the fat in the pan, then wisk in the dry ingredients and keep stirring until it gets thick. I consider this a family recipe, something that we all make and like. Whats your family recipe?

Chocolate Gravy
This is my Grema's version of the recipe
A heapin coffee cup of sugar (1 cup)
2 heapin tbsp coco powder (I use hersheys)
2 heapin tbsp flour
Fat (usually the grease of the meat your cooking, bacon, sausage, etc.)
Mix the first 3 ingredients in a bowl until it looks like sand, yes it will look like it. In your pan you just cooked the meat in drain all but about 2 tbsp of the grease, try to keep the small chunks in there too. Pour the milk in and let it heat up, wisk in the dry ingredients and stir until thick. When you get it thick enough turn the heat off and add a couple tbsp of butter and a few tsp of vanilla and stir. Be sure and save the leftovers for later and try not to worry about how unhealthy this sounds, just dont eat it every day.

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