Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Froggy Garden

I reserved one of my raised beds for my boys to grow their cub scout garden in this year. I started cleaning it out today, its not too big or small. I guess about 5 feet long and 2 feet deep. It has an evil bush trying to grow in it and cat mint, morning glories too. I didnt do too much with it last summer, I was on bed rest most of the time. So I figured it would be a little weedy, apparently it was froggy too. I was happily hoeing along and pulling roots, when I saw something wiggling. I first thought snake and jumped a bit, then I saw webbed feet. It was trying to go deeper, so I picked it up, my six year old was helping so I showed him. "Cool" he said, I told him we should put it somewhere so it could finish sleeping until spring. We walked over to another flower bed that still had newspaper covered in hay on it, and he lifted the paper and I stuffed it under it. As I was patting the paper back down he said "Now I can step on it and kill it!" I told him no and that he would get in trouble if I caught him, silly boys. So back to work I go and a few minutes later I find another frog sitting in the grass. I put it in the same place that we had the other frog, which was gone. I didnt tell my boys about this frog, I wanted it to live. I didnt give them to my chickens, though I thought about it. It just felt wrong to give those poor little rudely awakened frogs to them. The frogs come out here in spring and happily sing in the evening, even though there is no creek or open water near by. I wonder if I woke the second one or if it was already out. Its nice to think that the other one was out already and that spring is getting closer.

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