Thursday, February 23, 2012

Mini Milk Jug Greenhouses

I decided to try something new this year, mini milk jug greenhouses. I started off by saving my milk jugs, didnt take too long to get six, we go through about two gallons a week. I washed them and stored them, well my fiance stored them after he got tired of seeing them dry all over the limited cabinet space. I started to cut them by looking at the bottom of the jugs, they have a nice ring around the whole thing.

So I hope you can see it, the sides are smooth and the bottom is bumpy, I cut right between them.

I am left with the bottoms, but I see myself growing something in those to make use of them. Next, I went out and planted my cabbage.
Then I pushed the milk jug into the ground around it and kinda buried it a bit. I have read to put another hole in the handle and put a stick in the ground to hold it. I sure hope I dont have to do that, and that this works.
On warm days you leave the lid off or even take the jug off, on cool days just take the lid off. When it freezes leave the lid on. One thing I did notice is that if you position the opening right over the plant and try to water it it pours right on it. You might be careful when you do water with the jug on. Also, if the weather is going to be around freezing over night, it helps to water your plants well so they are less likely to get damaged by frost. Have you ever used this method? If so how did it turn out, let us know.

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